Atlanta HOG Rally Day 5

Day Five, Thursday, July 21, 2002.

We left the hotel at 7:15 AM and took State Route 60 over to state Route 441 and North all the way to Franklin North Carolina. The ride was beautiful, no freeway, and all 50 to 60 mph. The distance was 215 miles and we stopped in Franklin for lunch at the barbecue restaurant, nationally advertised. The food was excellent and the choices of sauce were hot, mild, spicy & extra hot. Of course, I chose mild. Our group was molding very well together and when we passed or changed lanes, the person who is “the sweep” moved over & blocked the lane so then every one else moved over. It was like a ballet as we moved through the hills of North Carolina. We ran into rain in the mountains. Cherokee was only 35 miles from Asheville so we decided to continue on and arrived about 3:30 and checked into the hotel. Figure 1(Figure #1) This place had a sitting room in additional to a bathroom and a bedroom. I did some laundry and was ready for five more days on the road. I left my cell phone on from 2 to 4 but then shut it off because I was taking a nap. Chief called in at 4:25 and said that she called earlier but could not reach me. She told me Scotland was beautiful and that her traveling friend had a way to wash clothes and hang them up to dry overnight. Dinner that night was at the pool so we called a local restaurant and they delivered it for us. The pool party began at 5:00 PM and went who knows how long. I went to bed near 11:00 PM.


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