Atlanta HOG Rally Days 3 & 4

Day Three & Four. Friday, July 19 and 20.

We were up early to enjoy the breakfast provided by the Super 8. Everybody came together around 9 o’clock for a group picture in front of the motel with our bikes and then we left the motel for the Speedway at 10 o’clock. The temperature was in the 90’s, sunny and very hot. We were warned to hydrate in this warm temperature. We checked into the registration desk, got our packets and began to tour the Speedway. We went up to the upper parts of the Speedway to look over the parking lot to see how many bikes were in. As far as we could see there was nothing but motorcycles and we estimated 5000 bikes in the parking lot. Don Strazer and I separated from the rest of the group but made sure that everybody in the group had each other’s cell phones for contact. After about an hour of looking at the different vendors, Don and I decided to take a break to purchase something from one of the food vendors set up around the infield and we took our boots and socks off to walk in the grass that was so very cooling to the feet. The vendors had their lady friends sunbathing in bikinis on the infield side of the vendor stalls. Being inside the infield these young ladies were visible to anybody who wanted to look, and we did. It was now close to 2:00 PM so I tried to place a phone call to Chief but was unable to contact her.

Don and I decided that we should ride back to the hotel due to the extreme heat so I called our leader Tom Sislow to inform him. It was wonderful walking into an air-conditioned hotel room to take a brief rest. I just woke up when I had an incoming phone call from Scotland. Chief sounded well, her voice was strong and sounded like she was next door to me. The group spent the next several hours around the pool talking and swimming. We went out to dinner at a local bar and restaurant called RTO and good time was had by all. On the way back to the hotel we gassed our bikes. My credit card was refused so I called the 800 numbers to get it released. I had failed to inform the credit card company that I was in Griffin, Georgia. Tomorrow we would leave to ride to Cherokee where we’d spend the night.


copyright © 2014 James M. Curtis

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