Atlanta HOG Rally Day 2

Day Two, Thursday, July 18, 2002.

We left Lexington at 8:30 AM. It rained on and off all day but I did not get wet as I was wearing rain gear. I called Chief twice on my trip because she was scheduled to leave at 3 PM to fly to Scotland with her friend Rayne. We took the most direct route, US 75, because Rich had to get to the Atlanta Speedway to register before 7 PM. We did find out that motorcycles could use the 2 passengers only lanes, which saved a lot of time going through Atlanta. We arrived at the Speedway at 7:10 PM Thursday evening and Rich went into the registration desk at the speedway. From the Speedway we rode over to the Super 8 Motel and checked in. I then spent an hour cleaning up my bike. My bike Flame rode beautifully today and deserved to be cleaned first, before me.

The group decided on pizza for dinner so three large pizzas were ordered and delivered to us at the hotel. While we were waiting for the pizza I had a chance to talk with Dennis Reese. I found out that he was married twice and divorced twice and his son and daughter are from the second marriage. Dennis’s brother Steve is a construction contractor and Dennis was proud of him. Dennis and Steve have an older brother who has a bad back. Dennis said both of his parents are still alive. While we were eating our pizza Jeff and Dottie from the Kenosha HOG chapter checked into the hotel. Our group now totals nine members. It is now 11:30 PM and Chief has been in the air for three hours and traveled through four time zones on the way to Glasgow, Scotland. When she lands it will be 1 AM our time, our bedtime.


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