Atlanta HOG Rally/ Deals Gap & Blue Ridge Parkway Ride July 2002

Atlanta HOG / Deals Gap & Blue Ridge Parkway Ride July 2002

Atlanta HOG Rally

A group of members of Lake Shore HOG Chapter decided that we wanted to attend the National HOG Rally in Griffin Georgia. After the rally we’d ride the “Tail of the Dragon” then to continue on to ride the Blue Ridge parkway from Ashville, North Carolina to Winchester, Virginia. I called and made all the reservations for the group.

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Deals Gap & Blue Ridge Parkway Ride

The Blue Ridge Parkway is 469 miles long through North Carolina and Virginia. It is composed of two sections: The Blue Ridge Parkway and The Skyline Drive. The elevation is about 6000 feet in North Carolina and decreases in elevation to something near 2000 feet in northern Virginia. The highest point in elevation in the parkway is 6053 feet. The midpoint in the parkway is near the town Galaxy, VA. The Blue Ridge Parkway begins in Balsam, N.C. and ends just outside Waynesboro, VA. The Skyline Drive begins just outside Waynesboro and ends in Font Royal, VA.  ( Figure 6)

Day 1   Day 2   Day 3  Day 4

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