Rt 66 trip 2001

Day 1—St. Louis     Day 2—Tulsa     Day 3—Amarillo     Day 4—Albuquerque

Day 5—Williams    Day 6—California    Day 7—Donner Pass    Day 8—Promontory Point

Rt66Map_4by3I’ve always had a fascination with Route 66, even as a kid. I wanted to ride a cross-country trip on my motorcycle with the idea of visiting my dad’s sisters; Janie who lived in Carmel and Marilyn in Sacramento, California. When HOG headquarters announced that they were planning a ride to follow the old route 66 to be lead by Michael Wallis, I decided to attend. Michael Wallis wrote a book called “The Mother Road, Route 66” that was one of the best accounts of riding the Route 66 that I’d read. By joining this ride I would not have to travel 2498 miles alone and I would have lots of company. The ride was officially over when we arrived at the Santa Monica Pier and had the group picture taken. On my way back home I visited both my Aunts, Janie & Marilyn in California. Then I made a stop at Donner Pass an hour west of Sacramento. A second stop was in Utah to visit the site of the joining of the east & west railroads at Promontory Point.

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