Northeast 911 Memorial Ride

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# 1 911 Memorial Ride Patch

In 2001, I watched on television the two planes impacting the twin towers in New York and read about the heroism of the passengers on the airplane that crashed in Somerset, Pa.  I read that the America’s 911 Foundation, Inc. was hosting a 911 Memorial ride to raise money for the 911 Memorial on the site where the twin towers stood. In August 2004, I asked my eldest son Tim Marshall Curtis to join me on this guided ride that began in Somerset, PN and ended in New York with a stop at the Pentagon. The Ride ended at the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan, New York on August 22, 2004. Tim & I spent four more days in New York but that is another story.

In the nine years since I rode in the 911 Memorial Ride, some changes have occurred. The most significant change was that the Somerset Memorial has been designated as a U.S. Historical Site instead of the temporary memorial that we visited.

Each year The America’s 911 Foundation has organized a ride during the month of August. I would suggest that any rider reading my adventure should take the time and ride this memorial ride to honor those Americans who gave their life on that significant date.

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