Carrie’s Black and White Quilt

Carrie’s black and white quilt

One day in the fall of 2018 my daughter Tracy requested that I make a black-and-white queen-size quilt for her daughter Carrie. I put the drawing of the quilt in my quilt book. I was not sure what I was going to do, so the project got put away. In October of 2018 we were planning to put the house in vacation mode as we are leaving for our winter home on 28 0t October. Once in Florida. We had to clean the house to get it ready for us to live in. We had to get the landscaping around the front part of the house, so that it looked good. That took about two months to accomplish.

Jims B&W quilt for Carrie

Jim’s Black and White quilt for Carrie with Linda Curtis

          One day in January 2019 we decided to go into Trenton to visit the quilt store that was there. I went and looked at their black and white section, which was quite extensive. I picked out 20 different combinations of black-and-white cotton material. We brought that material home. The material was laid out on the bed in the spare bedroom. I took out the drawing in my quilt book. I decided that we were going to cut 14 inch squares from the fabric. The drawing indicated that we had to cut out 32 squares from the material. I cut out 15 squares then arranged them on the king bed in the spare bedroom. Then began the process of taking the squares and arranging them in different patterns. Once I got the squares arranged to my satisfaction I began to cut out the remaining squares. Over the next three months I arranged, changed and re-arranged the squares into a pattern that I liked.

I then began to sew the squares together. We were getting close to sedging time, which is in March and April. I finished sewing all of the squares together and put the borders around the quilt.  All of this was accomplished by the time we left for our summer home in Illinois on May 1.