The Story of my First Quilt

A Nine Patched Proof

The very first quilt I made was a simple 9 block design, which means that each block is made up of 9 squares. The quilt measured 4 blocks down and 3 blocks wide for a total of 12 blocks.

  This was made by cutting strips 3 inches wide. One strip of white fabric sewn to one strip of blue fabric followed by another strip of white sewn to that blue fabric now in the middle, using ¼ inch seam for each. I ironed the strips to lay the seams flat. The next step was to sew the reverse, a white strip in the middle and two blue strips on the outside. So now the strips were cut into 3 inch square sections.

I had never sewed anything in my life so I had to learn how to thread a sewing machine. Then I had to learn how to sew fabric together using a STRAIGHT 1/4-inch seam. When I finally got it right, Linda told a grocery clerk as we checked out and the people in line behind us at Publix applauded, much to my embarrassment.

I now had two sets of strips, each strip making three 3 inch squares. One set was white, blue, white. The second set was blue, white, blue. Next, I sewed three of these squares together forming one block. Once all of the 12 blocks were created, we cut long 2 inch strips of light blue fabric and sewed the light blue strips on the bottom of 3 blocks going down, beginning to form a lattice. And last, I sewed the 4 blocks together in a row and then sewed the three strips together to make the quilt top. 

As for assembling the quilt with a batting and back fabric. I made a simple thread in needle down and back up with yarn In the middle square of each block. The yarn pieces were made long enough to tie on the front of the quilt. The quilt done and admired, and hung on the wall as décor.