Mariner Compass

In the summer of 2015 Linda & I attended the Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) Quilting show in Madisen Wisconsin. Both Linda & I signed up to take a class. My class was on making a quilt using the paper piercing technique and taught by Chris Lynn Kirsch. We stayed at the Super 8 Motel, in Madison, managed by Linda’s brother, Bert Wilson’s son, Kevin Wilson. Linda’s class was on constructing a black & white quilt from donated fabric.

Mariner Compass Quilt

Completed Mariner Compass Quilt

This was the first time that I had taken any class at a quilting show. When I walked into the classroom I saw three long tables with Janome Sewing machines. The only open machines were the one farthest from the speaker podium. Once I was seated the instructor came to the podium and explained the procedure. We had to pick out three fabrics from the table along the side of the room. Our table was the first to get our fabric. I chose red, blue & off-white pattern for my three fabrics. This way of choosing fabric was orderly and everyone had many choices of fabric.

The instructions were in front of each machine and Chris went over the instructions carefully. In paper piercing, you sew on the pattern so everything was backward when the pattern was finished. My pattern was the Mariner Compass which had 4 major stars over 4 minor stars over 4 smaller stars for a total of 12 stars. Instructors were at each of the three long tables and helped us when we ran into problems. The class was two hours long so we could not finish the quilt but had a really good start. 

Chris gave us her e-mail address and phone number to use when we needed help. I had a good start only to find I made a mistake and had to redo that section over. When class ended I knew what I was doing. 

The quilt was still not finished when we left for our winter home in Florida in October. The quilt & material was shipped to our Florida home. I finished the 12-point mariner compass but I ran out of the off-white fabric used as background for the pattern. I found a quilt shop called Tomorrow Treasurers on US 19 in Crystal River, Florida. Linda & I went over to the quilt shop to check out their fabric collection. Much to my surprise I found the exact same white fabric which matched the background. We went home with 2 yards of white fabric that I cut to fit around the square compass. The zig-zag stitch had to be used to sew the compass to the white background material. For the first border, I used a narrow dark red fabric with white dots. 

The next border was a light blue material.  The third outside border was dark blue and at each corner a square of red material was used to tie the whole quilt together. 

All we had to do now was to sew the batting and backing material to the quilt face and we are done. I took a picture of the finished quilt and e-mailed it to my instructor, Chris Kirsh.

The End