Carrie’s Quilt

Carrie’s quilt

by Grandpa Jim

Soon after Linda and I arrived home from our winter place in Beverly Hills, our daughter Tracey asked me if I could make a quilt for their daughter Carrie to take when she went away to college that fall. The quilt was to be made out of Carrie’s old T-shirts. I told Tracy that I would be glad to make a quilt out of Carries music life history T-shirts but I would need at least 30 T-shirts to make a twin size quilt. Tracy and Carrie had 22 printed T-shirts that I could cut up for the quilt.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I went over to Tracy’s house to pick up the bag of T-shirts for the quilt. Once home I cut up the T-shirts sometimes using just the back but sometimes using both fronts and backs, depending on the design.

So, a fusible material called pellon is ironed on to the back of the T-shirt cut-out to provide stability.

Friday, May 24

I ironed the pellon on the backs of the T-shirts blocks now cut to a specific size. By Saturday, May25, I had used up all fusable material and had 13 squares to go. On Tuesday, May 28, I purchased more fusable material from our favorite fabric store and well I did as Tracy came over and brought with her 12 more T-shirts for the quilt that day. More cutting and fusing, but by May 30, I had all the T-shirts blocks cut, stabilized, and squared to 12 and half inches.

Carries quilt finished July 4,2013

Carries quilt finished July 4,2013

Then organization began with the squares arranged into the pattern the quilt was going to take. With four squares across as a row and six rows down it is 24 squares in all. The next step is to re-arrange the squares again and again. I called Tracy and Paul and asked them to come over to our home and help me arrange the squares so it was pleasing to them and they did.

June 1

I picked up my sewing machine from the repair store where it had taken two weeks to repair. I was ready to start assembling with dark red, two-inch material added as a spacer between each square. On Saturday, June 8 I began sewing the squares together to create rows. By the end of the day I had three rows sewn. By Sunday, June 9 I had completed sewing all six rows.

Wednesday, June 12

My next step was to sew the rows together creating the quilt. I completed sewing rows one and two together. By Saturday, June 15 all six rows were at last together. The next step was to sew a two inch matching red border along the four sides of the quilt.

Monday, June 24

We drove to Tracy’s to show her and Paul Carrie’s quilt and see what they thought. We found a small flaw in the sewing of one of the squares that will have to be taken care of before we present it to Carrie.

July 3 & 4, 2013

I cut the 4 ¼ inch green border & attached a green outer border onto the quilt. We attached it to a hanging pole, photographed it in morning sunlight, and smiled. The last step was to drive it to a Long Arm Quilter we know who would quilt it with batting and back fabric together.

Carrie used the quilt for 4 years in her Elmhurst College Dorm and off campus student house.