Atlanta HOG Rally Day 7

Day Seven, Monday, July 22.

I decided to go to the Biltmore Estate with the rest of group and it was only about 15 miles west of our hotel. The group left the hotel at 8:30 AM.  We were lost once and had to retrace our steps but made it to Biltmore on time. The others went to tour the house and I went to tour the gardens so I could tell Linda all about them. I took my camera and wandered through the gardens and the Conservatory, still in my black leathers. In my wandering I came across an elderly gentleman removing weeds from the area in front of him. I asked him questions about the placement of the beds. He took time to show me the planting shed behind the garden where the plants were grown. I received a tour of an area not open to the public. I thanked him and took my leave with three rolls of film and drawings showing locations of the different types of gardens. (Figure 5)figure 5







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