Deals Gap & Blue Ridge Parkway Day 2

Day two: Tuesday, July 23, 2002.

I slept in until 7 AM checked out and had a big breakfast at the motel and went right directly onto the parkway. It was raining so I took my time and took a break about every hour on the hour. I ran into a detour near Jeffrey’s Park for about 10 miles. I stopped at the Mountain Café for lunch of soup and tomato juice and a chance to get out of the rain. I met a young lady named Robin and she said if you ever get over to Laurel Springs you should check into her mom’s cafe as they have excellent food. It was close to 11 AM so I stopped by the side of the road to call home and son Tim Marshall was there. We had a nice long discussion and I learned he was leaving for Key West that afternoon. As I rode into a gas station in Galaxy, Virginia, a thunderstorm broke. I was only one mile away from the Super 8 Motel where I would spend the night. The time was 1:10. PM. I rode in the rain to the Super 8 and checked in. It was nice to be able to take a nice shower and dry off. I turned on my cell phone and waited for a call from Chief. After my shower I was tired so took a short nap, but woke up at 4:18 PM. The sun was just shining so I thought I’d wait for about another half hour before going out for supper. After supper I went back and wrote in my journal.

I noted that I have ridden some 200 miles on the Blue Ridge Pkwy. I have about 102 miles in the skyline drive coming up before I start for home on Saturday. I still do not have a cell phone call from my wife Linda in Scotland so I’m turning the phone off and heading to bed.


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