Maw and Junior Craw Overheard

Maw and Junior Craw Overheard
by Linda W. Curtis, who watched
and heard Maw and Junior Crow
caw-talking on the side of the road.

AW, Maw,
What’s wrong with you?
I can’t feed myself.
What’s wrong with you?
Why are you walking away,
Maw Craw?

I’ve opened my jaw,
Please put a goodie inside,
please don’t walk away,
aw, Maw.

Now, Junior Craw,å
watch what I do.
Turn over a leaf,
but watch, be quick,
get the goodie in a snap,
and a toss of the head,
then down the craw,
like this, Junior Craw.

Oh, Maw, Maw,
I can’t, not at awl.
You’re good, I’m not,
I’m just a kid craw.
Who’s s’posed to feed me
Maw Craw?

O.K. Maw, I’ll look, I’m hungry….
Oh look here, a leaf. I’ll toss it up,
and wow, like Maw said, it’s
a bug for d’craw! Crawd’cha!
A toss my head and down it goes.
Oh, Maw, I did it, I’m a good craw,
Thanks, Maw.


copyright © 2014 Linda Curtis, botanist

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