Aquatic Plants Review

Wet and Wild Book
Most people dismiss the plants growing in lakes and ponds as weeds. But Lake Villa botanist Linda Curtis is working to help land managers recognize the native and non-native aquatic plant species of the region. Curtis published Aquatic Plants of Northeastern Illinois (1998) and helped lead the Illinois Lakes Management Association workshop in Lake Villa last August. Curtis is pleased to report that a native weevil has taken a liking to Eurasian milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) and is devouring this pesky non-native — which is threatening to choke native aquatic plants in northern Illinois lakes. “I wrote this book because I couldn’t find any information on these unique plants of northeastern Illinois,” said Curtis. “Now people can more easily identify what plants are living in their lakes.” That knowledge, she hopes, will help people understand how to manage their lakes better. — Sheryl De Vore  Chicago Wilderness, 1999

copyright © 2014 Linda Curtis, botanist


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