Carex of Three Sisters Springs, Florida


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Three Sisters Springs is the only one of 30 known springs in Kings Bay/Crystal River system that can be reached by land instead of boat. Five species of Carex were found growing around the springs, the surrounding former pasture, and the forested roadside ditches. Since 2010 the area has been open to the public only a few days a year, allowing the safety of the over-wintering manatees in the springs. A boardwalk now directs visitors around part of the springs and spares the sedges and wildflower association of plants from trampling. Five Carex species found in March and April 2012 were: C. gholsonii Naczi & Cochrane, C. godfreyi Naczi, C. leptalea Wahlenb., C. longii Mack and C. styloflexa Buckley. A potential for 35 species of Carex is based on research, inventories and herbarium vouchers. Carex Three Sisters Spring, FL 3-28-13Linda Curtis


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