Carex of The Zion Beach-Ridge Plain, Illinois

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The Zion beach-ridge plain is an 18 mile-long migratory landform located on the SW Lake Michigan coast and includes the Kenosha Dunes and Chiwaukee Prairie in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. Adjoining on the Wisconsin Border are Illinois Beach State Park and Spring Bluff Lake County Forest Preserve. Farther south, the Waukegan Dunes in Illinois end at the Waukegan Harbor. More than 750 plant species have been reported. Online searches and 12 herbaria curator responses verified 43 vouchered Carex specimens for IBSP including the six new species from this fieldwork: Carex annectens E. P. Bicknell var. xanthocarpa (Kuk.) Wiegand, C. cristatella Britt. , C. grisea Wahlenb. , C. interior L. H. Bailey, C. molesta Mack. , and C. sparganioides Willd. One new species was discovered at the Chiwaukee Prairie, C. suberecta (Onley) Britton. A total of 54 species resulted from IBSP herbaria specimens plus inventories from adjoining sites.



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