Is It Time?

Is it time to fly with the moon?

When did day dim into twilight?

What perceptions I lacked,

that day flight should end

and moon flight begin.

I hear wings and rustlings

in a soft muted light.

Is it mine?

Will day be but a memory?

And night flight,

what will it be?

I am poised before flight,

not knowing.

Do I need new wings?

No, I have wings…..

formed during the day, but never used.

They’re mine! They’re mine!

I didn’t know I could morph.

I didn’t know I would morph.

I’m new again!

I’m going to fly with the moon.

**********************Linda Curtis

(Ctenucha moths lay their eggs

on tussock sedge leaves and

Blanding’s turtles often hide

in the tussocks during the day.

The turtle witnesses the

first flight of a new moth)Moth, Turtle, Moon Linda Curtis

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