Linda W. Curtis, botanist

The rare water marigold blooms in  late August and early September in Cedar Lake in Lake County, Illinois.  Linda Curtis discovered it while canoeing in 1989. She published the discovery article in 1990, and saw  it again after the August 2020 derecho’s horrific winds de-rooted a submersed bed of  aquatic plants in a large wave and deposited them on the shore. The water marigolds bloomed the following week with yellow daisy-like flowers in the debris where Linda collected them before they were scooped up for removal with the other decaying plants. Normally, a permit from the IDNR is required to collect rare plants, but not necessary as they were part of the debris. Linda collected three plants, dried and pressed them, and sent them to herbaria as vouchers, evidence the plants still are present. News-Sun reporter Sheryl Devore visited and wrote an article about the  water marigold bloom, front page on 9-4-2020 with photos by her husband Steve Bailey, ornithologist.

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