Carex of Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon, Fl

Searching for Carex at Rainbow Springs in Dunnellon, Florida, began at the canoe and kayak lauch site along the Rainbow River near the campground in the RSSP South Unit.

Species found were C. fissa var. aristata, C. gholsonii, C. godfreyi, C. longii and C. vexans in March 2018, the beginning of sedge season in Central Florida.

The RSSP north unit is separated from the south unit by a home subdivision but connected by a tram trail. The north unit has more vegetation communities including cypress domes and therefore more species that are habitat specific.

Although 27 species of Carex are known in Marion County by University herbarium voucher specimens, the entire state has 77 species (Hansen & Wunderlin 2011) and includes the Panhandle. This research will add to the FDEP and FNPI plant inventories.

All species will have gps data on the photographs taken in the field and later transferred to images after micro-digital photography.

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