Carex Corner, plus Bog-Fen Carex reviews

Carex Corner is written for Harbinger: Illinois Native Plant Society.

Following after  is reviews for Bog-Fen Carex

Cx Crn wee sedgesjpgWonderful reviews are coming in. Thanks to all.

From Kew Botanic Garden, A. Marshall: “I like your description of a “belly-botanist” on p. 199 and will point this out to some of the botanists here at Kew!”

From Missouri Botanic Garden, K. Yatskievych:” The photography is excellent, the page layouts are simple and elegant, the cartoons are a delight, and your description of it as an entry-level botany guide was right on the mark.”

From Ecological Resource Specialist B. Hess: I enjoyed the layout/organization, the close-up photos, and the etymology of the sedge names.

From steward of LCFP, P. Showers after Bog-Fen book presentation: I was able to put the Bog-Fen manual to good use. You are one of the best public speakers I have heard, ….. charismatic.” (He means carexmatic)

From Dr. Robert Mohlenbrock, author of The Illustrated Flora of Illinois: Congratulations on your fine book. Your photos are truly outstanding. You have made an important contribution to the Illinois plant literature


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