Dunesland Carex

fig2Dunesland Carex is  Linda Curtis’s next book in progress about the Carex of the  Lake Michigan Coast between Kenosha Dunes in Wisconsin  and  18 miles south to the Waukegan Harbor in Illinois. The image shows the former beaches of the ancient landform. Only a mile wide, it was built with erosional/depositional sand and gravel over the last 4,000 years. Some lands have lost their foredunes, such as Chiwaukee Prairie in Kenosha County.  Illinois Beach State Park’s beautiful sand dunes now extend almost to the state border, interrupted by North Point Marina in Illinois and Prairie Harbor Marina in adjoining Kenosha County. Waukegan dunes adjoin the Illinois Beach State Parks coastline. The sand dunes species are mostly different from those in Bog-Fen Carex and Woodland Carex, yet a few species grow in several habitats.


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